The Art of First Impressions: Mastering Welcome Gifts for New Hires

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Welcoming new hires is a pivotal moment for your company or business. As employers, it's important to make a positive first impression so new hires will feel at ease from day one. One of the ways to smoothen the transition is through giving welcome gifts or onboarding gift boxes.

A simple but personalized welcome kit is an effective way to acquaint new hires with the company's culture, values, and purpose.

Giving a welcome gift to a new employee goes beyond expressing warm reception and gratitude; it's a powerful and effective strategy to strengthen work relationships, enhance loyalty, and foster productivity and collaboration.

Choosing welcome gifts for new employees is not always an easy feat. In this blog, we will help you learn the art of selecting gifts to make your new hires feel valued and appreciated.

Understanding Your New Employees

In corporate gifting, standing out is necessary. So, before you scour the internet for employee gift ideas, it's essential to gather information on how the gifts will be helpful to the employees. Offering unique, customized, and memorable gifts creates a great first impression and a lasting impact.

Elevate your corporate gifting prowess by adding a personal touch—customizing items like pens or mugs with individual names transforms these simple merchandises into thoughtful and unique tokens.

Other employee gift ideas for new hires could be custom lanyards, jackets, or other desk items like mousepads and coasters.

Aligning Gifts with Company Culture

Gift-giving is deeply rooted in Filipino culture. This cultural practice seamlessly extends into the corporate sphere and the business domain.

New hire welcome gifts are a great way to promote your company's identity and brand. It's also an excellent opportunity to tailor your brand and reinforce your company's core mission and values.

For example, if you work in the health and wellness sector, you can hand out gifts like water tumblers, healthy snacks, or essential oil kits. If you are operating in the finance sector, items like pens, notebooks, and calculators with your company logo embedded are perfect for an onboarding gift box.

When it comes to corporate gifting, be inclusive and ensure that if gifts vary across departments or teams, they should be of the same value. It's also important to keep gifts gender-neutral and culturally sensitive, especially if your organization employs employees from different ethnicities.

Aligning gifts with your business' identity will allow newcomers to feel a connection to your organization from the start.

Welcome Gifts Choices for Your Employees

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Practical Items for the Workplace

When handing out corporate gifts, it's always best to opt for high-quality gifts that offer utility for employees, partners, or clients.

For onboarding gift boxes, in particular, choosing gifts that new hires can use while working is an excellent way to foster office culture. This could include pens, writing pads, tote bags, mugs, water tumblers, and other desk items. Jackets and shirts could also be a great welcome gift, especially for those working on a hybrid model.

Gift Solutions can help you tailor your welcome gifts for new employees and elevate your brand. Their swag gifts line is perfect for employee onboarding, company care kits, return-to-office welcome gifts, and more.

Gift Solutions offers a variety of personalized corporate gift offerings not just for employees but also for clients and business partners.

Wellness Packages

New hire welcome gifts can come in many forms beyond personalized merchandise. 

Water tumblers, caps, and shirts are excellent examples of tangible tokens that can make new employees feel appreciated. Providing these items not only shows your thoughtfulness but also highlights the importance of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among your team.

For specific industries, subscriptions to certain publications or applications could also be a great way to welcome new hires and give them a great head start on learning the ropes of the job.

Customized Welcome Notebooks

Notebooks are one of the best welcome gifts a new hire can get. The first week of any job is crucial for new hires because there's too much to unpack; naturally, they need to jot down things.

As an employer, you should equip them with such materials. Why not give them personalized notebooks and throw in some pens, too? Notebooks, notepads, and journals are great platforms for displaying your logo and branding.

Gift Solutions offers a selection of highly customizable notebooks, planners, stickers, calendars, and other customized printed materials that will surely be useful for your new hires. From swag items to bespoke gifts, Gift Solutions proves that thought counts when giving corporate gifts.

Presentation Matters

Welcome gifts make new employees feel included and part of a team. A well-packaged welcome gift makes the experience more rewarding.

Onboarding gift boxes are best done during the first day of work or within the first week.

The era of remote work has made physical interactions a challenge. Still, this is not an excuse to skip the welcome gifts for new employees. Communicate your employee appreciation by sending gifts door-to-door. Gift Solutions offers nationwide delivery services in the Philippines for individual recipients and bulk delivery.

You can also hand out a gift for your team members to celebrate career milestones like a work anniversary, reaching sales quota, a promotion, or after a successful campaign launch to acknowledge their hard work and recognize their importance to the organization.

Corporate gifting goes beyond; it's a strategic relationship-building tool for employee retention. It might not seem like it, but a simple personalized gift to show appreciation towards an employee boosts morale and productivity.

Start planning your corporate gifting strategy with Gift Solutions. With over 50 years of shared corporate gifting experience, our expertise can guide you in carefully selecting and personalizing corporate gifts and giveaways that align with your company culture.

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